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Prenzlauer Berg still has a whiff of the bohemian, but it’s moved on too. You’re as likely to find organic cafes as you are alternative art galleries in this diverse neighborhood, home to families, students, artists and entrepreneurs. Bordering Mitte, many of the neighborhood's buildings date back to the 1880s, which makes it one of Germany’s best-preserved pre-war districts. Prenzlauer Berg was also the first East Berlin neighborhood to see the wall came down.

Fun to explore with its café culture, boutiques, and vintage stores, its parks – including Volkspark and Wasserturmplatz – are part of its charm. The most popular, however, is Mauerpark – or ‘Wall Park’. A remnant of Berlin's Death Strip on the East-West divide, this public space is now much-loved by Berliners. On Sundays, its flea market and food stalls attract hordes – as does the Bearpit Karaoke. Organized by one Joe Hatchiban since 2009, it attracts the best, and worst, of the city’s voiceboxes, and the 3pm slot in the amphitheater is something of a Berlin institution.

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